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What is Frustration?

It is a feeling of disappointment and discomfort aroused in the mind of human beings only when something has gone wrong with them or they are not able to achieve the goals that they had set for themselves. Of every ten people, seven are affected by it and out of three are severely affected. It is a mental feeling that is growing like other dangerous diseases such as AIDS.

In today’s competitive scenario every person has his targets that he wanted to achieve timely and if he is not able to achieve his targets he is frustrated. This frustration can affect the mind in a negative way in which a person’s thinking power gets slowed down. Frustration led a person a take wrong decisions and as a result of which he is not able to come up with innovative ideas. His creativity gets stopped. He is not able to achieve all his targets and is left with only his uncompleted plans and unachieved targets. Such a frustrated person goes far away from reality.

How this feeling of frustration does arise?

Firstly the feeling of frustration is aroused in human beings when they are not able to achieve the targets that they had set for themselves. Secondly, the feeling of frustration is aroused when they compare themselves with others and find that they are lacking behind while others had made rapid progress but they had remained where they were earlier. This causes frustration in them. When people misinterpret their capabilities and set targets that are far away from their potential. They just compare themselves with those who are more educated or are equipped with high potential or more resources and then set their target up to those levels that they factually could never reach. And then when they are not able to meet their targets they get frustrated.

It is the fact that everyone on this earth is not born with the same potential and has the same abilities and in the same area. If they misinterpret their functional area and start their career in a line in which they are weak or a line that is not meant actually for them. Then this results in frustration on the condition of being not achieving the targets. Example: Some people enjoy the post of CEO in reputed companies just because they are born into high society and rich families even though they are not that talented while others although they are more qualified and talented struggle hard to acquire middle-class jobs also. If the common man does not make effort to remove these types of social injustices then this led to frustration in them. The involvement of a large number of young persons in activities like terrorism is also an outcome of frustration.

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